12 December 2010

Go West

The third of seven 80's bands on the night was Go West.  I didn't notice it at the time, but singer Peter Cox puts so much effort into his singing, really makes for great images.

Four more bands to come over the next couple of days, ABC, Howard Jones, Sister Sledge and the finale Kool & The Gang.


Alison said...

I loved Go West back in the day. My dad used to work for the BBC and quite often did the sound for Top of the Pops, and he got me their autographs! I was dead chuffed :)

Fantastic photos, Michael. Chappy hasn't aged too well though!

Trish said...

Loving your photos Michael......they capture the essence of how Peter performs....always gives it his all and wants to give the fans an emotional experience. Did you get any of Richard?

Still love Go West myself....they are still writing, recording and touring together now.....they are fantastic live.....Peter's voice gets better and better as he gets older....and it was fantastic to start with!

Alison......I beg to disagree with you....if you stand up close to Peter.....he's aged VERY well indeed ;-)

michaelp42 said...

Thanks Trish :) I'm with you on this one. I thought he's aged rather well. Couldn't fault his voice or performance. Stunning!

Trish said...

If you get the chance Michael, try to see Go West at their own gig.....at least 2 hours of them doing what they do best......you'll get exposure to their new stuff which I personally think is excellent & all the old favourites too!