10 December 2010

Making things happen

Yesterday evening I managed to get myself a photo pass to the 80's Revival concert at the Bournemouth BIC.  Lots of big names 80's bands all playing on the same stage on the same night.  There were T'Pau, Go West, The Christians, Howard Jones, ABC, Sister Sledge and Kool & The Gang.

Why?  I wasn't paid, it actually cost me money, but I want to get more into shooting concerts and entertainment events, so I figured I need to raise my profile and what better way than to shoot 7 A List 80s bands on one night.   I had a friend of mine (because I'm rubbish on the phone) call up the promoter pretending to be my agent, and he managed to make it happen.

I even had the promoters come up to me during the evening and tell me that Martin Fry (ABC singer) wanted a new head shot from the shots i was taking...  The promoters want some photos from the evening, which of course I'll be sending their way as soon as I've sorted through the 1,500 or so images I took.

As it happens I was the only photographer there.  I was expecting to have to fight my way through lots of them to get the shots.

If you want something to happen, you gotta get up and make it happen.  I need to learn from my own example and make more stuff happen for me.

My next challenge will be to get in and photograph some current day A list concerts.  If you, or know someone who has contacts that might be able to help, please get in touch.  :)

I need to thank Jules for making the phone call and also to Carol Decker from T'Pau.  I tweeted her asking who I should contact regarding getting a photo pass, and she replied with a phone number.  So big thanks to Jules & Carol!

Photos from all of the bands coming up over the next few days...

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