04 December 2010

A snowy white New Forest wedding

This was my second wedding at Rhinefield House Hotel in the New Forest and my first wedding in the snow.  With the temperature at -4c it was a massive 44 degrees colder than the hottest wedding I've photographed (ironically in the often freezing cold city of Edmonton, Alberta).

Rhinefield House Hotel is a lovely location any time of the year, but with the fresh snow on the ground from the previous day, it just took your breath away.  The day before the happy couple must have been more than a little stressed that their big day would turn into a big white mess, but with the main roads clear, and Rhinefield ornamental drive passable with some rather slow driving, they really couldn't have written the script any better.

Shooting time outside was limited.  It being a winter wedding means by 4pm its as good as dark, and we had maybe 30 minutes to squeeze in all of the group and couples shots.  Despite the cold and the snow, I thought we all did rather well.

As much as I love the hotel, it's so damn dark and dingy in places, and as I don't use flash at weddings it really means pushing my cameras to their limits.  While at times shooting this way is a tad limiting, I don't want to change.  I shoot with natural and available light, and sometimes that means more atmospheric / grainy results.  Better than that flashing my subjects to death.

The photos, well I hope they speak for themselves.  The day was great.  I even got a little mention of thanks in the grooms speech.

I also want to say another thank you to the two wedding party guests who helped push my car out of the very snowy hotel car park.

Congratulations Lauren & James!  Enjoy your honeymoon in Hawaii!

Update: Well done to Hand Picked Hotels for doing what all hotels should do, providing free wifi!

Update2: I just realised I didn't get a slice of the cake.  Bugger!

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