31 December 2010

UK Mail Fail

I don't really do Xmas, and neither does my family.  We don't normally exchange gifts or do anything other than eat stupid amounts of food on Xmas day.  So having no gifts to open on Xmas day is fairly normal, my choice, and I'm cool with that.

However a week or so before Xmas day, my Dad, who's been rather ill over the last couple of months tells me he wants to get me something this year and asks me what I'd like.  So I think for a while about something special that I'd like.  An old fashioned bankers table lamp if you're interested.  I couldn't find it in any local stores, so we had to order it online.  A bit of a risk with the dodgy weather the UK was having at the time, but no choice.

A few days later when UK Mail try to deliver there was no one home.  They put a card through the door.  Bugger.  Delivery re-arranged for Xmas Eve.

Xmas Eve comes and goes, someone was home all day, no knock on the door from UK Mail.

Fast forward 4 days and I phone them up to re-arrange for delivery today, New Years eve.  There was going to be someone home all day, so a safe time to deliver.  Come 3pm nothing, so I decide to call them to see if its worth staying in for.  They tell me my parcel wasn't even put on the van today and won't be delivered.

So we re-arrange for Tuesday.  The joke is that they tell me they can't even promise it'll be delivered then.

I ask if I can drive over to their local depot to collect, but the next day they're open is also Tuesday.

I've never had dealings with UK Mail before, but they seem like a bit of a joke of a company.

I don't like to use this blog for this kind of stuff, but this has annoyed me, so here it is....

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Steve W said...

UK Mail are awful - on a fairly regular basis they allegedly deliver to me, find no-one in, and "leave a card" - despite someone being in all day and no card being left!?!

I once collected from their depot in Docklands and from arriving there it took 45 minutes to get my parcel. The collection point is unmanned and you have to press a bell. Which I did repeatedly. The strange thing is you can see a few members of staff from the collection point area, but "it is nothing to do with them" and they refuse to talk to you. That day they only had one member of staff to answer the customer phone line and deal with collections, but they put a priority on answering the customer phone line. Great!