29 December 2010

Wedding Photography at Rownhams House

I visited Rownhams House when it first opened its doors as a wedding venue.  Being just a couple of minutes drive from where I live it's the perfect location for me.  I've wanted all year to photograph a wedding there, and with just a few days left in 2010 my wish came good with the wedding of Beth & Stuart.

The wedding was being filmed by Wedding TV for one of their shows called The Great Cake Bake.  It airs late January / early February and I'm hoping I can then advertise myself "as seen on Wedding TV!"  As the title of the tv show suggests the film is based around the wonderful cake made by Louise at Couture Cake Company.  I'm not allowed to show any photos of the finished cake until after the show airs, but I can confirm that it was rather nice!

Although some 10 degrees warmer than the week before, the weather was challenging.  By the time came to do the group and couples shots it was spitting with rain, and the thick fog that had been there all day hadn't shifted.

A special thank you goes out to Kerry at Your Day Your Way for her referal to Beth & Stuart.  Without her I'd never have got the gig.  Thanks Kerry!

Also, thank you to Roger and his lovely family (the owners of Rownhams House) for looking after me so well and keeping the cups of tea coming throughout the afternoon.

NB.  While I'm not allowed to show the cake, I've still managed to include a few photos at the end of the cake cutting.

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Kerry Jackson-Rider said...

The photos. look amazing Mikey despite the weather! Beth's dress is absolutely beautiful and everyone looks very happy. Thanks for the mention and I can't wait to see the rest of the photos, "the cake" and the Wedding TV show! See you soon Kxx