25 January 2011

Don't take yourself seriously

I asked James & Lauren from last years snowy white wedding which photo they'd like on the cover of their wedding album.  The above is the one they picked.

Love it.  :-)

Life is too short to be taken seriously.  Have fun with it!

24 January 2011

A debt collector who carries a baseball bat?

Meet Sean Stevens from Dino Collections.  Sean was the subject of a recent photoshoot.  Of course he doesnt use the bat as anything other than a last resort while collecting debts (I may or may not be joking here!?), it's all about standing out from the crowd and being remembered in what is I'm sure a generally boring group of very samey people.

Apparently having the bat has already caused Sean to annoy some of the more "normal" (ie boring) competitors in his business, and he's also been refused a ride in a taxi!  Opps! :)

My point here is, that while he may annoy a few boring people, he's been noticed and he'll be remembered.

16 January 2011

Leigh Brandt is inside Inside Fitness again

Just a small picture this time, again from our photoshoot in Las Vegas last September, but they all count.  Congratulations Leigh on yet other publication together.

11 January 2011

Taster Photoshoots @ London Fitness Expo

I'll be offering taster photoshoots over the weekend of the IFBB British Grand Prix & Fitness Expo for just £85.

What you'll get is a photoshoot with me somewhere in / around the Excel Centre in London. It will be quick, but it won't be rushed. One outfit, two if you're really quick.

From the shoot you'll then get to choose your 10 favourite images which you'll be able to use anywhere you like, no restrictions.

For more information about the Expo Weekend, they have a website - www.grandprixexpo.co.uk.

To see more of my work, please click around my website some more.

To book your place, please visit http://londonfitnessphotoshoots.eventbrite.com/

10 January 2011

One of Monica Brant’s all time favourite photos

To be told that your photo is a one of someones all time favourites is always a good thing to hear.  When it's from one of the biggest names in womens fitness, someone who has had 10,000's of pictures of her taken, and hundreds published is, at least to me, a pretty big deal.

The photo of Monica Brant was taken in Las Vegas during the Olympia 2010 weekend.  It wasn't taken as part of a photoshoot, just a quick snap as Monica was having her make up touched up before her shoot with Marc Thyssen for the cover of Planet Muscle magazine.

Part of the job description of being a fitness model means that it's your physique that is normally in the spotlight, and photographers aren't normally taking headshots of you.  I think it's one of Monica's favourites because it's different from the norm.

Thank you Monica Brant for sending me a signed copy of the photo.  I hope some day we get to do a shoot for real.

Note:  Please excuse the poor quality photo of the print.  It's just a quick snap taken with my Blackberry.

Leigh Brandt in Inside Fitness magazine

Congratulations to one of my favourite models, Leigh Brandt on getting second place in Inside Fitness magazines Hot & Fit 100!

The photo is from a photoshoot I did with Leigh back in September 2010 while we were both in Las Vegas for Olympia.  The pool at The Orleans isn't exactly the nicest looking in town, but in what was only my second shoot with Leigh, we still managed to get some great shots!

Surely it can't be long before Leigh graces many more magazine covers.  I predict 2011 is going to be a big year for this lovely lady.

Go Leigh!

03 January 2011

Event Photography in Southampton

Event photography is a different sort of photography.  It's about being a fun addition to the evening and of course to help them remember the event, in this case a New Years Eve party at the Royal Southampton Yacht Club.  As you can see the photo, quality kind of goes out of the window for my event photography.  Normally I'd never "sell" a client a photo with the background all over the place like this, but event photography is about capturing a moment, not so easy when you have 6 slightly drunk subjects!

For most of the events I do, I pitch up without charging the organiser, and then charge party guests on the night for printed photos to take home with them.  It's a bit of a gamble for me, more-so because I'm rubbish at selling.  If I don't sell prints, I go home empty handed.

The other way of doing things is to charge the organiser a set rate for a package of a certain number of prints...  The latter approach works best at events like weddings where charging the wedding guests isn't really the done thing.

If you're looking for an event photographer in the Southampton area please think of me.