03 January 2011

Event Photography in Southampton

Event photography is a different sort of photography.  It's about being a fun addition to the evening and of course to help them remember the event, in this case a New Years Eve party at the Royal Southampton Yacht Club.  As you can see the photo, quality kind of goes out of the window for my event photography.  Normally I'd never "sell" a client a photo with the background all over the place like this, but event photography is about capturing a moment, not so easy when you have 6 slightly drunk subjects!

For most of the events I do, I pitch up without charging the organiser, and then charge party guests on the night for printed photos to take home with them.  It's a bit of a gamble for me, more-so because I'm rubbish at selling.  If I don't sell prints, I go home empty handed.

The other way of doing things is to charge the organiser a set rate for a package of a certain number of prints...  The latter approach works best at events like weddings where charging the wedding guests isn't really the done thing.

If you're looking for an event photographer in the Southampton area please think of me.

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