10 January 2011

One of Monica Brant’s all time favourite photos

To be told that your photo is a one of someones all time favourites is always a good thing to hear.  When it's from one of the biggest names in womens fitness, someone who has had 10,000's of pictures of her taken, and hundreds published is, at least to me, a pretty big deal.

The photo of Monica Brant was taken in Las Vegas during the Olympia 2010 weekend.  It wasn't taken as part of a photoshoot, just a quick snap as Monica was having her make up touched up before her shoot with Marc Thyssen for the cover of Planet Muscle magazine.

Part of the job description of being a fitness model means that it's your physique that is normally in the spotlight, and photographers aren't normally taking headshots of you.  I think it's one of Monica's favourites because it's different from the norm.

Thank you Monica Brant for sending me a signed copy of the photo.  I hope some day we get to do a shoot for real.

Note:  Please excuse the poor quality photo of the print.  It's just a quick snap taken with my Blackberry.


Julia Campbell said...

I'm guessing it is hard to take a bad photo of Monica. But I think it is particularly beautiful because it is a real moment, not posed or dressed up. What a wonderful treasure for you.

michaelp42 said...

Thanks Julia for your words. It is indeed one of my favourite photos.