24 February 2011

Southamptons Mess

I wouldn't normally use my blog for things like this, but while walking the dog this morning I was so disgusted with what I saw I started taking photos.

In less than 10 minutes this morning, without really looking I found...

The remains of several beds

A mattress

Builders rubble

Loft insulation

The obligatory Sainsburys trolley

Computer monitors

Fitness equipment

Several items of flat pack furniture

and lots more.

All of this was found in what I believe is called Aldermoor Copse, an otherwise rather pleasant small woods which has the unfortunate position of being surrounded on all sides by housing.  Some of it has been there for months, others just a few days.

The last time I looked Southampton City Council would make a couple of  bulky item collections a year at no cost, but now it seems they charge £25 for each one, which probably explains why there is so much more stuff being dumped now.

I don't pretend to know what the solution is to stopping the anti-social dumping of household crap, but it would be nice if the council could clear what's currently there up.

I took lots more photos, but scroll down a bit and you'll get the idea.  I didn't go looking for this mess, its all there on the normal route I walk my dog.

Update: I've just had a reply to an email I sent to local Councillor, Don Thomas.  He's in agreement with me, and promises to put forward a "forceful case" to tidy up the woods.  Fingers crossed you can get something happening Don!  Thanks for the reply.

(Excuse the poor quality of photos, all just snapshots taken with my phone camera)

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