21 March 2011

Alexis Rufus - IKF World Champion

On Saturday I was asked to photography my second Muay Thai / MMA event.  My main attention was the final fight of the evening, an IKF World Championship fight between Alexis Rufus and Lorena Klijn.

Without question photographing fights in piss poor lighting is the most difficult subject I've yet had to shoot.  My "hit" rate of good shots is dramatically lower than any other subject.  It makes my job even harder, but out of respect to the fighters I always shoot the fights without flash.  The last thing they need is to be blinded mid fight!

I shot over 200 photos from the Alexis v Lorena fight, and I ended up with 7 that I like, with the lead picture above being my favourite.

Anyway, enough of my moaning about the lighting.

Big congratulations to Alexis for winning the title in what was a tough fight.

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