31 March 2011

Behind the scenes video on a fitness product shoot

The time was 08:00, and the place was a central London Fitness First gym.

We had just 4 hours to get through about 12 different scenes, this was going to be a stressful shoot.

The subject for the shoot was "Gripad", a new type of weightlifting glove.

This was one of my biggest shoots to date.

Joining me on set were...

  • Zuzana Bielikova, Andrea Budova, Gustavo Milton and Roy Eden - our models for the morning

  • Laura Forrest, the Make Up Artist.

  • Jorge, my assistant.

  • Chris & David, the designers who are working on the product PR / packaging etc

So to the video.  Filmed by my able assistant Jorge, and edited by designer David.  I'm not convinced about the music myself, but rumour is the client likes it so it must have something going for it.


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