14 March 2011

Black Rapid Strap System

So it's got a slightly silly name, but the Black Rapid strap system has solved a problem that I've wrestled with for years.  How do you comfortably and easily carry around 2 cameras while shooting things like weddings & other events?

I saw the Black Rapid RS-7 product demonstrated at Focus a few days ago, I tried it out for size and liked it so much that I bought one immediately.

If you want the technical blurb you'll need to visit the Black Rapid website, essentially its a rather expensive strap attached to a bolt, which then attaches to the tripod mount on the camera, but to quote another company, "it does what it says on the tin".  It just works.

Having used it in "anger" at the funeral I photographed on Friday I'm impressed.  It worked perfectly.  I shall be using it lots in the future!

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