02 March 2011

I'm on the telly!

I'm on the telly!  For all of about 2 seconds I am indeed on an episode of weddingtv's The Great Cake Bake.

It's all from a wedding I was photographing a couple of months ago...  To see some pictures from Beth & Stuarts big day take a look at my original post here.  At the time I wasn't allowed to post pictures of the cake, I had to wait until after the show aired, but now it has, so now I can.  To see the cake in all its glory, follow this linky.

The episode can been seen on the weddingtv website here, and to save yourself the pain of watching the whole show I can been seen at 17:26 and 17:57 minutes.  Don't blink though, you'll miss me!

1 comment:

Kerry Jackson-Rider (Your Day - Your Way) said...

Yay you are a celebrity! You're looking good - well done on getting the gig and the photos are great, thanks. I must try to get in on the next one lol xx