20 March 2011

IFBB British Grand Prix & Fitness Expo

If you charge a premium price, then customers expect a premium product.

With a ticket price over double that of Olympia in Las Vegas (£25 just to get into the expo), you'd expect an expo to write home about.  Sadly, it wasn't all that.  Take away the strong man and the bmx areas, and there really wasn't much left.

The price also got you into see the pre-judging going on in the huge arena downstairs, which I have to say was rather stunning.  Easily the best stage set up & lighting I've ever seen at a UK event.

The event I'm sure will grow, this is year one after all.  Congratulations to all concerned for getting it here and happening in the first place.  Hopefully next year will see a larger expo, and a reduced ticket price.

Hello to everyone I met there, including lots of previous fitness models I've worked with...  Jamie Eason, Lynsey Beattie, Sarah McLean, Audrey Kaipio, Henrietta Leung, Danielle Laws, Tara Stevens, Francesca Giacomini, Joyce Nunu,  Paulette Sybliss, Jenny Pacey...  Did I forget anyone?

(The photos here are just snapshots.  I went to the expo to network not to work.)

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