22 March 2011

Paying in a foreign cheque

So I had to pay this US dollar cheque into my "Spanish" bank (the one that uses that boring Lewis Hamilton in their adverts) this morning.  After queuing for 10 minutes in their chav infested Shirley, Southampton branch it was my turn.

Whenever I present a foreign cheque to the ladies serving me, I can literally see the life force start to ebb away from their bodies.  It's a long process.  I have a sign a 3 page "agreement" and also take a copy for myself, which I told the lady I was only going to throw away, but I still had to take it.  It's their policy damnit.

The girl has to then read and check about 15 questions, before photocopying stuff, and then finally, some 15 minutes later my cheque is paid in.

Of course during the this, the only other open desk can't cope with the influx of chavs, so the queue builds up.

It's an awful system they have.  Every time I visit it seems to get worse.  I was lucky this time because the lady serving had done them before.  If you get a cashier who hasn't had the training and you're screwed!

Grumpy Photographer signing out...

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