11 April 2011

Fitness & Bodybuilding Event Photography

So I've decided to go on a mission to improve the overall standard of fitness & bodybuilding event photography here in the UK.  Although I've photographed a fair number of big fitness events in North America, so far I've not really done much at home in England.

This will probably come across as a bit bitchy, even though its not intended that way.  I've seen photos from the "top" bodybuilding event photographers in the UK over the last 5 or more years and the standard is quite frankly bloody awful.

This is partly due to the terrible lighting that so many of the events use.  It's also not helped by the tacky advertising banners that most UK event seem to insist on placing directly in the middle of the stage.  It wouldn't be so bad if they employed decent designs to make the banners look half decent.


When you add an average photographer into the equation who is more interested in the business of getting as many athletes as possible to sign up for their mediocre stage photography package, and well, the end result is not good.

Don't even get me started on the quality (or lack thereof) of the backstage photos.

I said don't get me started!

So back to my mission.  What am I doing to try and improve the quality of fitness & bodybuilding event photography in the UK?  Well, first of all I'm teaming up with fellow fitness photographer Matt Marsh for several shows this summer including Fitness Britain (England, Wales & Finals) and also FAME UK.  We're going to be offering athletes an on the day price package of just £30 for stage and backstage photos.

Obviously we only have so much control over the quality of the stage lighting and the amount of crappy banners the event organisers throw up on stage behind the athletes, but its hopefully a step in the right direction.

The backstage photos however we can get to a much higher quality.  Having spoken with Matt today, I know he's investing in some new studio kit so our end result will be hugely than a tatty bed sheet pinned to the wall!

Baby steps.  :-)

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