19 April 2011

Fitness Britain - Manchester

My first Fitness America event this side of the Atlantic.  It was hard for Manchester to compete with the glamorous locations of Florida & California where I've attended Fitness America / Musclemania events before.

I'd teamed up with follow photographer Matt Marsh to offer athletes a package of stage and studio photos that we thought would be hard to beat.  It seemed we've hit on a winning formula, at least for the girls.  100% of the female athletes competing took our £30 package, although the guys the percentage was much lower.  Not quite sure I understand the reasons why someone would put in that much effort into getting on stage and then not want a few professionally taken photos to promote himself with, or just to show the grandkids....

Numbers were low, but the quality of the athletes competing was high.  It's still early days for Fitness America in the UK, so "things can only get better", and I strongly believe they will.  The U-Phorm team who run the UK events are clearly passionate about it, and they ran a great show.

In typical Fitness America style it started late (but finished early), it wouldn't be Fitness America if things ran to schedule.  :-)

The stage at the Royal Northern College of Music was perfect, a proper stage in a proper theatre.  The stage lighting could have been better, and I'm going to talk to the organisers before their next event in Wales to see what we can do to improve things.  Not sure what can be done, but I'm gonna try.

I'm not going to list them all, but congratulations to all the winners!  Hope to see you all at the finals in St Albans in September, and then maybe at the BIG finals in Las Vegas.  Yup, I think I've decided I'm going to go out to Las Vegas in November.  Lou (the main man behind Fitness America) has been telling me for years that I would be better going to his event instead of Olympia, so I'm going to!

Update: I may post more photos from the event later, but for now only those who paid for a package are being featured.  :-)

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