11 April 2011

Funky business portraits

This was my second business portrait photoshoot with Lisa Blackler of Honesty Marketing.  The first shoot she hadn't given me a brief, just left it up to me.   Fast forward 18 months or so and Lisa had a specific idea of the photo she was after.  This is a good thing, gives me something to work towards.  I'll let Lisa explain in her own words...

"As part of the next phase of Honesty Marketing's development I wanted some images that reflected my no-nonsense non-corporate approach.  The brief to Mike was "attitude, rock chick, fierce".  He had to deal with my giggles and still managed to get some amazing shots which really reflect who I am and the overall feel that I want to convey for the business.  Mike works a certain kind of magic, and I'd use him again with no hesitation."

Thanks Lisa!  :-)  Another happy client.

If you'd like to book your own funky business portrait photoshoot, please check out my Business Portrait page for more information.   Check out my business portrait portfolio page to see more photos...

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