13 April 2011

Giant hand grabs car in Park Lane

The other week while I was in London I drove down Park Lane and saw this amazing sculpture of a giant hand grabbing a tiny car.  I wasn't able to stop then, but this week when I was in London for a photoshoot I was.

A little information on the sculpture...  Lorenzo Quinn’s ‘Vroom Vroom’ sculpture which "features a vintage Fiat 500 being pushed by a giant child’s hand".

For me this is modern art at its finest.  So much better than the cack that's normally found at museums like Tate Modern.

To purchase the above picture as a fine art print, click here, and to purchase the black and white one below, here.

1 comment:

Ingrid Weel said...

I love these cars - may have to have a peek tomorrow before my shoot!