01 April 2011

A new service... Vacation Photography!

I'm proud to present a new service today.

Are you getting tired of struggling to take holiday photos? Is trying to get good photos spoiling your enjoyment of your holiday? Are the photos you take always a poor representation of how the view looked in person? Are you struggling to take self portraits by holding out your arm, camera in hand and getting a generally poor quality photo?

Well help is at hand, for only £1500 per day plus expenses I will come on holiday with you. I will follow you around, taking photographs of the scenes you visit, and of course I will be on hand to take those cheesy couples shots that everyone just loves to see.

So now you can stop worrying about taking photos and start enjoying your vacation.

As a special offer to the first ten customers, you won't have to pay for travel days!

Now taking bookings for Summer 2011 and beyond...

Update: This may have been an April Fool.  However if anyone does want to pay me lots of money abd fly me around the world to take pretty pictures...  I'm listening!

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