04 April 2011

Positive Discrimination

This morning I saw a tweet from a woman who runs, and I'm quoting from her twitter profile here, "an online platform supporting European women photographers".

Sorry a what now?  The European bit I can kinda get behind...  but only allowing women only photographers?  Surely that's a tad sexist, and therefore kinda maybe against the law?

Surely photography is one of the few things where men and women can compete on a level playing field?   Of course when we move into the world of business, nothing is really level.  Is all about who you know, and what doors they can help you open.

However when it comes to actually picking up a camera and taking photos, then the level field is indeed level.  Some will excel, some will be a bit average, and others should probably sell their kit and get an office job.  I personally know of some excellent women photographers, and equally I know a few male photographers who fall into the latter category.

Maybe I should start up a support group where only photographers with silly beards who like cake would be allowed.  Of course if I did this in a serious way I'd be laughed at by everyone.  But ultimately is it much of a difference to saying "men not allowed"?

In conclusion I call women only photography groups and positive discrimination to be bullshit.

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