14 April 2011

Shooting Lisa Carrodus in London

I've photographed Lisa Carrodus probably more times than I've photographed anyone, and certainly in more far afield places, from Malta, to Las Vegas, to Bournemouth.

Our most recent shoot was on the streets of London.  Just the two of us, walking and taxiing around the city.

In what was almost a tourist trek around the city, we started off on the by the Houses of Parliament & The London Eye, before jumping in a taxi and heading towards the South Bank and Tate Modern (thankfully we didn't go in, made that mistake once, and it's full of cack!).  I saw Shakespeare's Globe Theatre for the first time before another short taxi ride took us to St Paul's Cathedral.

Next was Trafalgar Square and then The Mall.  Next were the two highlights of the day.  Lisa flirting with an ice cream van man got us both a free ice cream, and a fun backdrop for pictures.  Finally we ended up in Park Lane, where just opposite The Dorchester hotel (who I should thank for answering my question of whether it was still there when I called them!), is Lorenzo Quinn’s ‘Vroom Vroom’ sculpture which "features a vintage Fiat 500 being pushed by a giant child’s hand".

The shear number of b'stard tourists around The London Eye and Trafalgar Square made it almost impossible to shoot there.

With the shoot over, our final destination for a quick drink was the 28th floor of the Hilton on Park lane, and their Galvin at Windows bar.  With what just might be the best view of London I've seen so far.

I decided to do the shoot with my Canon G12.  While not normally the camera I'd use on a model shoot it had the advantage of not getting the same attention as a full size digital SLR would.  I'm rather pleased with the results from it.

Thanks for a great day Lisa!

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