20 May 2011

Fitness Portfolio Book

With just 1 day to go before the Bodypower Expo in Birmingham my fitness portfolio book from Ubyu arrived.  They even sent me an email to say my delivery would arrive between 10:08 and 11:08 (it arrived 10:20).  Most impressive.

The book took a few days longer than their suggested 10 days print time, so bear this in mind if you're placing an order.

Ubyu have their own software which you can use to design the book with.  This worked very well for me, it was quick and easy.  Even with the 400+ pages and hundreds of images things went very smoothly.

My only disappointment, and its quite a big one because it's so obvious, is the cover.  The print and quality are all great, but the alignment of the images is not.  The spine, which was sized to their website calculator suggestion, sadly didn't quite work out right.  Add to that the front & back images are not centred correctly and you'll see my disappointment.   Everything looked just fine on their software which I used to design/upload the book.

Whether this is my fault for not preparing the images correctly I'm not sure.

Only time will tell if the quality of the book will stand up to lots of sticky fingers flicking through it at fitness events this year, but for now the quality of the binding seems top notch.  Very much like the option to choose the colours of the inside cover, head bands & the marker ribbon.  A nice and unique touch.

I've included a picture of my hands to show the scale/size of the book.  I wanted something I could pop in my backpack or camera bag, so I opted for their smallest size, 15 x 20cm.  I made the right choice, the size is perfect for me.

Excuse the picture quality, these snaps were taken with my phone camera.  These pictures doesn't do the quality of the book justice.  The printing is as good as I've seen in any print-on-demand books I've had done before.

I wish they didn't have such a silly name, even if I could remember it, I've no idea how to pronounce it, which makes recommending them a tad tricky, even though I'm happy to!

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Dean Pluthero said...

Hi Michael, I am really pleased that you are happy with your ubyu book, the black printed cover and red endpapers were a nice combination. I'm going to check out the 10 business day turnaround time for you, and do apologise if we have stepped out side this time frame.
I am also going to speak to our repro department regarding your cover and come back to you to see if we have something not quite right.
I look forward to seeing more of your books through us, certainly books @ 400+pp on 170gsm paper as this is something very unique to ubyu and our PUR binding. For any readers wondering about our name, we don't mind how you pronounce it, but its 'u-by-u' ;)

All the Best
Operations and Business Development