03 May 2011

Image for my new business card

With the moose on a sabbatical and me needing some new business cards, I've decided to change the image I'm using to something new.  I've narrowed it down to these 4 images, but I'm undecided which to go with.

The card needs to instantly engage people so people ask about the photo at a networking meeting etc.

Alternatively the fifth option is to use the moose photo again....

Decisions decisions.


Lynda Colley said...


It's a toughie but personally I think either photo one or four are more likely to get an instant reaction...and I am more in favour of four, probably just because it's beautiful (my first reaction/ response)


Ingrid Weel said...

The fox or the cave with the Indian Jones thing going on...as in 2 & 3. Those'll get people asking questions!

Michael G said...

Foxy - or stay with the moose. You may be fed up with him; but most people haven't seen him yet.