03 May 2011

Inspiration from Winnipeg

It's impossible to keep in touch with all the models I've worked with over the years, although Facebook has made things much easier in recent years.  A couple of weeks ago  I saw a model from Winnipeg post that she was proud of having achieved 1 mph on the treadmill.   At first I thought she was joking, and almost put one of my normal silly comments up.  Thankfully I didn't and messaged her instead.

Turns out she'd been very seriously injured (almost killed) in a car accident in September from last year.

I asked if she'd like to write a few words for my blog...

"Hello, my name is Sherry Haig. I was in a car accident on September 11, 2010. That date is memorable for a lot of people and it is especially memorable for me now. I almost died in this accident but I now think of it as having a second chance at life. I believe there is a reason for everything. I am not angry or depressed about the fact that my life has completely changed, instead I have a positive outlook on life and look forward to the future because I feel there are many good things yet to come.

My boyfriend was driving our car when we were t-boned on the passenger side which is where I was sitting. All the airbags were deployed which saved my life. The left side of my face collided with my boyfriends big hard head and caused multiple facial fractures around my cheek. My right hip, femur, pelvis, sacrum and some ribs were fractured. My liver was lacerated and my lungs were punctured. I had multiple surgeries for my hip, femur and face. Plates were placed in my left cheek. Nothing was done for my ribs, pelvis and sacrum as they can heal on their own. I was in a coma during these surgeries thankfully as I didn't feel any physical pain while my repairs were healing. I was released from the hospital and sent home permanently in January.

Being at home for the last 4 months I developed many new goals and dreams. I used to compete as a fitness model so I want to be able to train and compete again next year. I go to physiotherapy 2X a week and to the gym 5X a week to help regain the strength in my quadriceps so I can eventually walk without a limp, run and then compete again. In order to compete again I know I have to strengthen my legs which means I must use the treadmill as often as I can during the week. The most important things in life are your loved ones and health. These things are more valuable than any inanimate object.

If you are afraid to compete or didn't place at a competition what is stopping you from competing or trying again? There are no limitations on whatever you want to do in life. The sky is the limit."

These are a few pictures from our 2008 shoot in Winnipeg.  Here's wishing you a full recovery Sherry.  :-)

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