24 May 2011

Nicole Costa in the UK

36 hours before the Bodypower Expo weekend American fitness model Nicole Costa sent me a message on Facebook to say her sponsors, Allmax were flying her over for the event and did I want to shoot?

We've shot twice before, once in Miami, and again in Las Vegas.

So an hour or so after the Expo finished on Sunday, both tired from two long days, we headed on out to try and find a location.  After 20 minutes driving around more roundabouts than Nicole has probably seen in her entire life we ended up near the top of the multi-storey car park at Birmingham International Train station.

I take my models to all the most glamorous of places.

Considering it was just the two of us, so no one to hold my shiny silver thing, and that Nicole didn't come prepared for the shoot (she did well with putting together 3 "make do" outfits), I think we did rather well.  We shot for just an hour but the photos are some of my favourites from our shoots.

No problems with security at the station either, I was convinced we'd at least get a visitation from them.

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