09 May 2011

Pregnant Fitness Photoshoot in London

A couple of weeks I did a quick fitness shoot while in London.  The weather was perfect.  I can't remember being in London on a nicer day before.  We met outside the Park Plaza Hotel at Westminster Bridge.  I hadn't seen any photos of my subject, so she told me to look out for the "black pregnant girl"

She was easy to spot.  ;-)

Finding a location to shoot was easy, we just walked in the opposite direction to the tourist hell that surrounds the London Eye.  I knew of a park just 5 minutes walk away opposite St Thomas Hospital.  Its a quiet, mostly locals park, perfect for a fitness shoot.

I don't normally like to shoot under the midday sun, so I had to make sure Gillian was standing in shaded areas, while Karl, my trusty big shiny silver thing holder for the shoot, bounced sunlight onto her.

Thanks for a fun shoot Gillian, and wishing you all the best for later in the month when baby is born!  :-)

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