02 June 2011

Destination wedding photography in Ipswich

When Krysia and Darren first told me they were getting hitched in the Seychelles for a few seconds at least I went "woohoo"!  That was until they said they didn't have the budget to fly me out, and could I come and photograph their blessing in Ipswich instead.   The words "oh bugger!" may have been said.  So this is how I came to shoot my first destination wedding in Ipswich.

Being 4 hours each way from home it meant arriving the day before, and travelling home the day after.  So for two nights I was "living the dream" in a Premier Inn.  There might be a touch of sarcasm in that last sentence.  I decided to pack lightly and jump on the train, the 170 mile drive on a bank holiday Friday just wasn't doing it for me.

I was able to meet most of the family over a relaxed pint of Hobgoblin at the pub on Friday evening.  Being a part of the whole weekend really made a difference.

The blessing took place at the beautiful Wherstead Park in Ipswich.  Great venue, really loved shooting there.

Congratulations to Krysia & Darren.  It was a pleasure to be a park of your big day.

Update: I may have a slight obsession with cake.  I am happy to report that the cake tasted every bit as good as it looked!

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Kerry Jackson-Rider (Your Day - Your Way) said...

First chance I've had to take a look at these pix - they are fab! Gorgeous bride, cake, flowers and great photos. Who'd have thought you'd be doing a Destination Wedding in Ipswich! xx