08 June 2011

Photographing Michaela Tabb

If someone had have told me a month ago I'd be photographing Michaela Tabb, at a photo shoot including snooker legend Jimmy White, I would have laughed in their general direction.  However, on Monday that's just what happened.  The day was for filming and photographing for upcoming ipad  / iphone apps for both Michaela & Jimmy.

Michaela, for those who don't know her, is probably the best known and recognised snooker referee on the circuit today.  She has (at time of writing) almost 10,000 twitter followers.

She was a delight to work with, suggesting ideas, that led to some interesting photos.  Hope we get to work together again soon Michaela!  Just the one photo for now.  If you want to see more, you'll have to buy the app when it's released.

NB. After the embarrassment of giving Michaela a lift back to her hotel in my very untidy car, the following morning I spent an hour cleaning it!

Update: Thanks to Neil Sheppard for providing "stunt iphone"!

1 comment:

Michaela Tabb said...

It was a great day Mikey, thanks very much!! :-)

Looking forward to the next time... xx