06 July 2011

RIP Skip Faulkner

I've just heard that one of the original fitness photographers, Skip Faulkner has passed away.  I don't have any details as to when/how but that's not really important.

I met Skip by chance while doing a photoshoot at the Mandalay Bay pool in Las Vegas (back when the Olympia Expo was held there).  My model, Fawnia Mondey (now Deitrich) introduced us.

Skip was a real character, impossible to forget, at the time a heavy smoker and drinker, and a real nice guy.

That Olympia weekend we went to a fitness bikini competition, from which I did shoots with Maddy Howard & Tonya Lynn.  The following day he invited me to watch him shooting fitness legend Sherry Goggin.  It was the first time I'd ever seen how another photographed worked.

He was a true gent, even introducing me to Robert Kennedy during the Olympia Expo.

We kept in touch for a few years, but with Skip doing less and less work within the fitness industry we eventually lost contact.

RIP Skip, you will never be forgotten.

Update: Not sure how long his website will stay online, but take a few moments to look at his work - www.skipfaulkner.com.

Update 2: If you have any memories of Skip that you'd like to share, please leave a comment below.

Update 3: Skip pictured above with Natural Muscle Magazine owner Debbie Baigrie.

Update 4: Adding a picture of Skip and Lisa Reed.


Debbie Baigrie said...

Nice tribute! To me, he was Skipididooda.
I met Skip at my choreographer's house after I printed the very first issue of Natural Muscle. He had his portfolio with him, as he was getting ready to shoot Kelly Ryan here in Tampa.

I saw a picture of Penny Price in his portfolio that I loved. He pulled it out and handed it to me... and continued shooting covers for us every month for the next 3 years.

I loved Skip and am sad he is gone.

Sherry Goggin said...

I Love Skip and had so much fun shooting with him. His laugh was so amazing and he was such a wonderful person. We shot for the cover of Natural Muscle Magazine at the Olympia in Las Vegas and had so much fun. I had the opportunity to shoot with him on several occasions and enjoyed every minute with him. He will be missed.

I am very sad he is gone. He will be loved and remembered.
My Prayers are with his family and friends.
God BLess

Sherry Goggin

Lisa Reed said...

My deepest condolences for Skip's family and friends. Skip was my very first photographer won I won the Fitness Florida in 1999. He most recently shot me in Virginia a few years ago and wanted to get a picture of him lifitng me up! You will be very missed Skip. Your demeanor was priceless. My prayers are with everyone who's lives he touched!
Yours in strength,
Lisa Reed

Thomas Oed said...

I only just now heard about Skip's passing. Skip and I crossed paths randomly a couple of times at different fitness shows over the years...

I never got to know him or even his work very well, but one of the things I will always remember about him is how he really stood out among most of the other photographers I've encountered... he had absolutely none of the pretense or attitude that is unfortunately oh so prevalent among so many others in this business, especially those that have developed some level of recognition and notoriety.

For that, I will always remember him as one of the few 'good guys'.

Very nice of you to post this tribute, Mike.

Thomas Oed

three little girls and one prince said...

Oh wow,this made my heart break. Thank you for doing this for Skip. I am a freelance hair and makeup artist who did alot of work with Skip,I stepped away from my career for a few years to have babies..but not before I did one very special,very dear to my heart photo shoot of myself very in bloom with pregnancy of my first child.I was very shy back then and it was out of the great kindness of his heart Skip's idea. The images are timeless and ethereal,me draped in a sheet under a wet and muddy bridge,shot in black and white.
Of course Skip would not hear of taking a cent in payment for these priceless memories frozen in time,he was happy (like a little boy) to just get a real warm hug from a friend.I recently moved from NYC and have picked up my makeup and hair career again,I Googled Skip to check up on a long lost friend and it is my sadness that I came upon this.Rest in peace sweet big hearted Skip,you are missed.