27 July 2011

Shooting babies

I don't shoot many babies, so when I do it's actually quite fun and refreshing from the other kinds of photography I do.

Yesterday, in a slightly weird trade of services, I needed my car fixed and babies father wanted some shots of his 20 month old daughter Evelyn.  A win win situation for both of us.

We did the shoot in Evelyn's back garden, so she was completely at home, with all of her toys to hand.  My favourite picture from the shoot is below.  It captures her lovely personality perfectly.

Gear Used: One of my Canon 40D's suddenly refused to accept / format memory cards at the start of the shoot, most annoying, but hopefully Canon service can fix it so I don't have to turn it into an expensive paperweight.  I always have back up bodies when I'm shooting, and I used my trusty old second Canon 40D and my favourite lens, Canon 70-200 f2.8 IS.

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