08 August 2011

The best abandoned pig farm fitness shoot ever!

Picture the scene.  A Scottish summer, pissing with rain.  I was in Stonehaven (15 minutes or so down the road from Aberdeen), and I had an outdoor fitness shoot with Scott Baptie.  The rain was near torrential so we needed some shelter.  A little local knowledge and a couple of miles up the road and we'd arrived at a very abandoned, half wrecked pig farm / factory.  It wasn't the prettiest of places, but where the roof was still intact we did have just a little bit of shelter from the elements.

Some weeks earlier I'd suggested Stonehaven as a location because I wanted to photograph Dunnottar Castle later in the evening.  However with the rain easing off just a tad we went in search of a second location, only to find fog so thick it was impossible to see the castle from 200 metres away.  Bugger!  Stupid Scottish summers!

We finished the shoot in a nearby woods, before retiring to a pub at Stonehaven harbour for a well earned beer.

Thanks again Scott for the best damn abandoned pig farm shoot ever!

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