13 October 2011

Being a property photographer

It's been quite some time since I last got asked to do any property photography, but after responding to a request on Twitter last week that's exactly what happened.  I was dispatched to photograph two locations, a large farm house (more on that later), and a 15th century house in the wonderful little town of Rye.  I had to bluff my way a little "why yes of course I photograph some amazing properties all of the time...".  I knew my work would be up to standard, I only ever take on jobs when I am confident of doing a good job, hence the "bluff" was only to give the clients the same level of confidence I have in myself.

The owners of both properties are putting them up as possible film / tv locations (with Film Location Agent Sarah Eastel Locations), and hence needed some quality photos of them.

Having spent the evening in Rye last year during their annual bonfire night / ritual it quickly became one of my favourite small towns.

Much of the house has been recently modernised (while keeping original features intact), but the two "wood" rooms as I called them, have been left pretty much as is.   This little extract from the interwebs explains why one of these two rooms is of such importance "There was an exciting discovery in 1901, behind panelling on the East wall of the old hall of the building:  Plaster work was uncovered which revealed a remarkable wall painting dating from the first part of the 16th century.  It measures eighteen feet by seven feet.   Probably the most important thing about it is  the frieze with Tudor roses, the coat of arms of Jane Seymour dated 1537 and the Royal Arms of England “King Edward VI 1547″.   The painting was damaged during World War II but was renovated in 1997 and is in a good state of preservation."

Photographing the wall painting was a challenge.  The lights in the room cast an uneven light, and the daylight from the window did similar.  No one picture really does the painting justice.

A few photos from Flushing House...  the final one, in the cellar I fell down the final few stairs landing on my butt.  Two days later and it still hurts.  Stupid me and my clumsy self.

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