02 November 2011

Experimental night self portraits

Last week I was inspired by the work of another photographer.  He'd created these amazing images all by using light and long exposures.  So inspired was I, that I headed out into a cold November night, not to copy, but to try something similar.

How did I do it?

Quite easy really, 30 second exposure on the camera, and then I just stood relatively still and aimed a very bright torch (the Armytek Predator if it's important to anyone), at myself.  It was dark enough that I could move a bit and it not to really matter.

Where my legs are "see through", I just aimed the torch at my legs, and then moved out of the picture for the final few seconds of the exposure while aiming the torch, just behind where I'd been standing.

Painting with light is rather fun, and I shall be doing it again soon.  Next time though I hope to be using a pretty girl instead of a fat photographer as the "model"!

Lots more luck than any skill or judgement, but some fun photos resulted.  These are a few of my favourite photos from the evenings experimentation. 

Update:  I almost forgot to mention the "ghost walk" that was happening while we were shooting on the old walls of Southampton.  A little bit of research on Twitter later and I've found out that it was "The Sarah Siddons Fan Club Theatre Company Present Halloween Ghost Walks - Harry Houdini’s Horrible Halloween".  It's interesting making a bit of a dick out of yourself waving around a torch while 50 or so people look on while being entertained by "ghosts"!

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