04 November 2011

Movember Portraits

I realised this morning that it's been six months to the day that my Dad passed away after a horrible battle against cancer.  He died on "star wars day", 4th May, which was strangely apt as the original Star Wars movie was the first and only film I can remember going to see with him.

At the same time as remembering the date, I noticed a couple of people tweeting early photos of their Movember progress so far.

It got me thinking, how could I help raise awareness of prostate cancer (which is ultimately how my Dad died), using my photography.  So I came up with the idea that on the 30th November of setting up a make-shift studio and photographing guys who've made the effort to grow.

Ideas for me are quite easy to come by, putting them into practice and actually making them happen is a whole different talent which annoyingly I seem to be lacking in.

So I'm asking for help.  First I need a location, ideally somewhere with easy access in the Southampton area.  Once I've got that, I just need help spreading the word and getting people to come and be photographed.

If you've got a location that you might be able to donate for a few hours on the afternoon / evening of the 30th November please get in touch.

While I won't be making an charge for the photos, I will be asking that people make a small donation to the Movember appeal.

Update:  Well stage one complete, and strangely easy.  My friend Antony over at lightboxstudios.co.uk has kindly donated his studio for as long as I need it for on the day.  Cheers dude.  Now all I need is to spread the word and get people there to photograph.

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