15 November 2011

Photographing meerkats is simples?

I recently visited Marwell Zoo for the first time since, well since almost forever.  I have vague memories of going there once when I was little, probably 30 ish years ago.  A re-visit was long overdue.

So on one of the most gorgeous mid November days I can ever remember, along with my hairy biker friend Karl, we visited.  I never thought I'd complain about being too warm while outside for 5 hours in November, but I very nearly did.  Such a beautiful autumn day.

Marwell has some "big" animals, such as leopard, tiger, cheetah, rhino, giraffes, & zebra, but it was one of the smallest that stole the show for me.  The simple meerkat.

Why?  Asides from the fact they are super cute, and had some ever cuter young...?   They are in one of the few enclosures where the view is uninterrupted.  No glass, fencing, or nets to get in the way of taking a photo.  Add in the fact that they don't run away from people.  It's almost like they enjoy showing off for the cameras.  Did I mention yet how cute they are?

They probably are the most simples creature (critter?) at the zoo to photograph.  No?

I'll post a few pictures of the other animals another day, but for now I give you the meerkat.

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