12 November 2011

You never know...

When you're going to get a photo opportunity.   This evening while walking the dog I saw this little critter.  First time I've seen a hedgehog while out with the dog.  Not surprisingly I didn't have a proper camera with me so had to make do with the crappy one on my Blackberry, that combined with a torch and the flash from the phone gave me this.

It's my best (only) hedgehog photo ever!  

Update:  I neglected to mention the "difficulties" I had while shooting this little beastie.  Asides from kneeing on the wet wood floor, aiming a torch at it with one hand, while with an upside down mobile phone (so I could get the angle from the floor), I also had a dog, still on his lead, running around barking at week late fireworks.  Sit, Skip, sit, and shut the .... up for a few seconds!

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