29 January 2012

B-Fit Expo 2012

Yesterday I spent the day at London's Excel Exhibition Centre for the first of hopefully many B-Fit Expo's.

Inside there were demonstration areas set aside for all sorts of things, from gymnastics, trampolines to a zumba stage and much more.  Add to that several theatre style presentation rooms, a demonstration kitchen  and more.  Clearly lots of time, effort and money had been spent on making B-Fit look the part.  Things did seem to be rather quiet, not nearly as many people walking around as I'd have expected.  Although this made things easier for me, the stands and expo hosts would obviously have preferred more people.

Still, it's only year one for B-Fit and as the expo hosts have proven through Bodypower (which they also run), they have what it takes to make expo's bigger and bigger each year.

I also counted at least 4 "Gladiators" (3 new, 1 old) in the house!

For me, the Excel Centre is a bit of a pain to get to, and everything is all rather expensive.  The main Excel car park only caters to cars under 190cms in height, and has a ban on "Transit size vans", so that was me screwed straight away.  I managed to squeeze into the Novotel car park, and later that day they managed to squeeze £24 parking costs out of me. 


I also object to paying £2 for a small cup of over-brewed tea...  and one of the stand holders told me that Excel wanted £200 for a single plug socket for the weekend.  Needless to say they made do without.

But enough of my moaning, the day was good, I got to speak to a couple of magazine owners who are hopefully interested in using my work in the near future, and I even got a slice of cake and a hug from quite a few pretty girls.

Oh and a big thank you to the owner of the bottle of water I drank while slowly (but quite loudly) choking on a piece of chicken!

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