03 February 2012

Laughing at people in Basingstoke

I hate Basingstoke with a passion that I normally reserve for people who talk at the cinema, but on one Thursday evening a month there is a very good reason to go there.  Surely there can't be a reason in the world strong enough to go to Basingrade you say?  Well yep, there is, and I urge you to go one month to Jan Jack's Laughter House at the Red Lion Hotel.

The line up were 3 comedians I'd never heard of, Windsor, Chris Norton Walker, (who whispered in my ear "do you know any good jokes" seconds before going on stage!) with the headline act Dave Fulton.  Dave was in the headlines himself after saying the word "wanker" on BBC Breakfast the day before while sitting on the sofa with uptight hosts Bill Turnbull & Sian Williams.  I've seen the clip on Youtube and all I can say is "urgh really?"  Tis but a very sad world we live in if we find a simple little word like that so mortally offensive.  Add in a little bit of Jan Jack, and a compere, Phil Dinsdale, who I remember taking the piss out of me and my beard as part of his act at a previous Laughter House and we had our evenings entertainment...  the git!

Oh, and yes before anyone asks, I did get lost trying to find my way out of Boringstoke.

Anyway, my favourite photo of each of the acts...

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