31 May 2012

Astro Photography...

... well kind of.

Last night I was invited by a previous attendee of one of my Photo Experience Days to visit a friend of his who has a "proper big" telescope set up in his back garden.

His rig was all computer controlled, and at the click of a mouse button he was able to automatically move it to view the moon.  Impressed I was.

Not nearly as impressive was the clouds that had magically appeared just a few seconds after we arrived, however patience paid off and about an hour later we got 20 minutes of nearly clear sky.

Not having got a lens attachment for my camera (to enable camera and telescope to connect and work as one) I had to hand hold my mobile phone and camera up to the eyepiece of the 12" telescope and hope for the best.  Results were a bit hit and miss, but given the limitations of how I was working I was really rather pleased with some of the photos.

The first photo here is taken with my Blackberry mobile phone, and the second with my Fuji X100.  Neither photo has been cropped.  The third photo is of Saturn, and it's been very heavily cropped. 

I don't think I have the patience to take up astronomy as a hobby, but it was a very interesting experience.

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