13 May 2012

It's a healthy baby girl...

... but only just.

I was out on one of my New Forest Photo Experience Days earlier today with a group of 14 eager photographers when half way through the morning we discover a cow sitting quietly on her own.  It took us a few minutes to notice that she was in labour.  That was when I had to tear up the days itinerary.

Not sure what to do I phoned someone in the know for advice, and they simply said give it some space and leave it be.

We stayed and watched until our stomachs got the better of us and lunch at the Lyndhurst Park Hotel beckoned.  One of the group wanted to stay with the cow, so we left them both together.  A couple of hours or so later the group returned.  The cow had moved a bit but still no baby.  Forty-five minutes later and the status quo had not changed.  It was time to call an end to the Photo Day and we all went our separate ways.

Several hours later after a meeting about a wedding and then an ice cream in Lymington I returned to Lyndhurst and trekked over to where the cow had been.  One of the Agisters and the local farmer who owns the mother were there, and the calf had been born just 10 minutes earlier.  It had needed help from the farmer, and when I told him that the labour had started before lunch they were really surprised the calf had made it.

Asking what I should have done, their answer was if you have any doubts, report it to the local police who'll get in touch with someone who can help.

The farmers granddaughter named the calf "Lucky".  I'm really glad I decided to pop back, and so very pleased for the happy ending.

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