06 June 2012

Three Queens in Southampton - Part 2

The afternoon & evening was the first of my Photo Experience Days Social events.  In a nutshell this is where like minded photographers get together, eat cake / doughnuts, drink plenty of tea & talk about all things mostly photography related.

With a newly purchased £12 gazebo from B&Q and a 7 metre length of tarpaulin we were able to fashion ourselves the first rule of survival - a shelter.  It actually did a pretty good job, keeping us mostly dry for most of the day.

The Red Arrows were due to perform, but the British summer had other ideas and with the rain & low cloud it was never going to happen.

With only each other, some ships we could hardly see across the Solent and a rather wet ladybird to photographer it was all about waiting until the fireworks much, much later in the evening.

It was cold, wet & windy, but fair play to most people staying & keeping a great sense of humour about this very British summers day.  We were rewarded by the magical sight of the Three Cunard Queens (Mary, Victoria & Elizabeth) all in view, lights & music a blazing with a great firework display (mostly lost in the low clouds).

Here's hoping for better luck & weather for my next Photo Experience Social on the 3rd July when hopefully the Red Arrows really will make an appearance in the skies over Southampton.

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