04 July 2012

P&O Grand Event in Southampton

Tuesday 3rd July 2012 was the date that 7 P&O ships came to Southampton.

The weather was perfect, if you're a duck that is.  Just like the Three Queens event a few weeks prior the weather was forecast to be generally awful with rain, low cloud...  A typical 2012 summers day in fact.

The Red Arrows were again scheduled to display, but I knew before driving out to Calshot that they were going to cancel due to the poor weather for the second time.

I arrived in Calshot just before the masses of muggles descended on the place parking anywhere and everywhere.  Given the weather, it being a week day and lack of Red Arrows the amount of people who came out was a surprising. 

Getting out of Calshot after was going to be "interesting", so I didn't even try, electing instead to drive (although I had to ditch the van and do the last few minutes on foot) down to Calshot Castle where I was reliably informed there was a burger van!

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