24 December 2012

A London Photo Walk

I've done many a photo walk around London before, either just by myself or with a friend, but never as part of a larger group.  It was suggested to me by one of my Photo Experience Days clients that a pre Christmas walk around London would be a good idea, so I "made it so".

It was a particularly wet day when we met up at the Park Plaza Westminster to start our walk around London.

I had a rough route in my head, with the main plan being to avoid any and all shopping areas.

We started off around Westminster before walking along Whitehall to a particularly uninspiring Trafalgar Square.  By this point we were all soaked, and decided to jump on the tube to hide from the rain at the British Museum.   Sods law being what it is meant that by the time we exited Holborn tube it had stopped raining. 


Lunch was had in a cafe at back of a second hand photography store called the Camera Cafe (it seemed appropriate).

A brief visit to the British Museum was had.  It was already starting to get dark when we reached "The City".  A brief stop to refresh and relax at the Guoman Tower Bridge Hotel and a quick Google search later told us the bridge was going to rise shortly.

We found ourselves being moved on from taking photos of the bridge by a security guard from the building next to the Guoman.  I'm sure it was a public right of way, but it was easier to just move on and take the photos from elsewhere.

With the heavens opening again we quickly found our way back to the tube and heading across town to Hyde Park Corner to do some long exposures of the traffic.  Next it was the joy of being refused entry for being too scruffy and them being a bit scared of cameras by the Hilton on Park Lane.  A shame because the view from the top is stunning.

All in all, despite the weather, it was a great day out.  The next one I'll probably try and concentrate on 2 or 3 areas and not travel so much across the city. 

Enough words, more photos...

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