21 January 2013

Man's best friend

Skip, my lovely border collie is 10 years old later in the year.  Hopefully he has many good years ahead, but you just never know what might happen tomorrow.  I have lots of good photos of Skip that I've taken myself, but only a handful of half decent ones of him and me.

It was time to put that right.   Just before Christmas I contacted someone who had attended one of my Photo Experience Days earlier in the year.

Hayley had been on one of my Night Photo Experiences and her photos had stood out from the crowd as being that little bit different.  She also shoots in a similar (ish) style to myself, which was quite important to me.  As it happens she was also a dog lover and jumped at the chance to help me out.

I'm struggling to find the words here, but don't leave it too late to take photos of you and your loved ones.  I'm speaking from experience here as I have no good recent photos of my Dad (who passed away in 2011) and myself.  Whether it be getting a professional photographer in to take the shots, or just asking a friend or family member.  Just don't leave it too late.   

The photos were taken on a particularly cold January's afternoon, in a very muddy woods.

A big thank you to Hayley B for the photos.  I love them!

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