25 January 2013

My first concert

I just found this ticket while tidying up and it is bringing the memories of being 17 years old come flooding back.

Nearly twenty six years ago I went to my first ever concert.

It was Peter Gabriel playing at Earls Court.

The ticket price of £14 seems so cheap now, but at the time it was a lot of money to me, especially when you add in the price of the special coach trip up to London.

Even the trip up proved to be a bit of an adventure, with our coach breaking down somewhere along the M3.  Luck was on my side as I was able to jump into the second coach travelling up with us.

I can't remember much from the concert except for 2 things.  The first being we had really rubbish seats, and the second being that Kate Bush made a special unannounced appearance to join Peter on stage to sing "Don't Give Up" with him.  I might be wrong but I believe that's the one and only time they've ever performed the song on stage together?

By the time we arrived back in Southampton, the buses had long since stopped for the evening, and being so broke we had to walk the 5 miles home.

What a show!

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