28 August 2013

A Grand Day Out in Bristol

Since I first heard about the 80 Gromits taking over the streets of Bristol I've wanted to get myself out there to photograph them.  Finally, with less than 2 weeks before they vanish I found myself on a train heading to Bristol.

The train was late, but the sun was shining.

My target was for 40 Gromits.  By lunch I'd done 26, and my feet were killing me.  I'd done most of the Gromits in the southern bit of the city, around the water. 

A burger, a cup of tea, and an hour long sit down and I was ready to go again.

At lunch I made the decision to "get" the Gromits in the Queen's Road area.   If I'd have known it was at the top of a bloody great hill I may have decided differently.

Six more Gromits and some very hurty feet later and I "only" had the 13 in the Shopping Quarter to go.  I admit I did collapse in a bit of a sweaty heap half way down the Christmas Steps, and again in a comfy sofa at the Bristol Marriott.

Sadly idiots walk among us and two of the Gromits had been vandalised and had been taken away for repair.

Some 6 hours after arriving I found myself back at Bristol Temple Meads station and rewarded myself with an ice cream.

Despite my feet, I'd had a brilliant day out.  It was the first time I've walked around Bristol in about 20 years, and it has to be said that it's quite a cool city.  Lots to see, dozens of funky cafes.  I liked it.

According to my pedometer I'd walked just over 25,000 steps, or around 12 miles.  I'm fitter than I though.

Criticisms, only two small ones spring to mind.  The map was a bit vague in places, making some of the Gromits rather tricky to find.  Also there should have been Gromit Maps available at the train station.  It was more by luck, and asking a fellow Gromit hunter where she got hers from that I was able to find myself a map.

Overall though, a GRAND DAY OUT!

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