11 November 2013

It's impossible to please everyone all of the time?

This graphic popped up on my Facebook stream last night.   I've recreated it to tone down the language, but I'm sure you can figure it out for yourselves.

It reminded me of a little incident that occurred at the end of one of my New Forest Photo Experience Days the other week.

One of my clients who'd just spent the last 5 hours with me, waved as I was driving out of the hotel car park.  She wanted to talk, so I stopped and wound down the window.  She wanted to tell me how much she didn't enjoy the day with me.  Just to make this clear she'd said nothing to hint at her unhappiness during the previous 5 hours, although I did hear her mutter a few comments that gave me the impression that everyone might not be okay.   Being part of a group of I think 13 people that day, there wasn't the opportunity to ask her individually about this.

I had some feedback left for me on the Groupon website from people who attended that day...

  • "Lovely day out. I learnt a lot and would definitely recommend to others who want to know how to use their cameras to the best effect."
  • "TERRIBLE A disgrace that groupon take on such a bore uninteresting dull man !!!! I want to take this further because I feel he has stolen my money because he did not deliver what he preached !!!!!! My friend was so upset by his attitude I was embarrassed because it was a birthday present to her !!!"
  • "Fantastic course with excellent tuition."
  • "It seems as if this man is only doing these courses for extra money. If you do not have a digital SLR camera, you do not have a real camara, and he tells you so. He is almost waiting for somebody on the course to run it for him. At lunch he will not talk if you ask him any qestions, he is more intrested in his ipad. I can not recommend this course with him."
Again these were all from people who attended the very same day.

Constructive feedback (even when negative) I can deal with, but just how seriously should I take comments that are overly personal and so poorly written?

It really is impossible to please everyone all of the time.

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