11 November 2013


It’s a well known fact that my words often get me into trouble.   My review of a previous fitness event was perhaps a bit too honest.  Although I stand by my words, it lost me a fair bit of business.  I wrote the review at the time in the hope that the organisers would listen and improve things at future events.  

So...   The first ever WBFF event in the UK.   Was it the best UK fitness show I’ve ever seen.   Bloody hell yes!  Was there room to improve?   For sure!

I’ve met Paul Dillett (the top man and founder of WBFF) a few times now, having been at a couple of the WBFF events in Canada, including the big Toronto World Championships some years ago.  Paul dropped my name when he was introducing the show on stage on Saturday evening at The O2, I said to him way back then that he should bring the show over here.  Fast forward a few years and here it was, in one of the best venues in London...

It’s showtime!

I should point out, that while I very much want to be a part of WBFF going forward in the UK, I am not a part of their organisation, and neither was I paid to be there.

Two hundred and fifty competitors, with entry closed some 10 weeks prior to the event.  I think that says all you need to know about the popularity of WBFF.

With registration and the athletes meeting taking place the day before the event, it really did feel like I was at one of the North American events.  The hotel, the Marriott at Canary Wharf was excellent, but sadly too expensive for me at over £200 a night.

I knew the stage and the lighting was going to be superb, and I wasn’t disappointed.  I still see so many photos from so called top UK bodybuilding and fitness events that use roller banners on stage...  Have a bit of respect for the athletes who work so hard to get there and give them a good looking stage to perform on!

The music, although excellent (kudos to the DJ!) was too loud for me and I need to thank the friendly security guard for finding me a pair of ear plugs.  Note to self, WBFF shows are louder than an Indian wedding disco...  bring ear plugs!

I had backstage access, and I could see how well James was managing the athletes there.  Given the numbers of competitors they had to deal with, the whole backstage team should get a special mention for producing such a slick show!  Nathan, the compere for the evening was most excellent.

The quality of the competitors was out of this world.  I called one of the winners, Abigail Edwards, who I first worked with 7-8 years ago.  It was her first show, and she won.  Excellent!

It really was a hell of a show though!   

Two WBFF UK shows in 2014, one in June and a pro / invitational show in November.  I very much hope to be a part of both of them.  Thank you to Paul, Allison and Shaun for bringing WBFF to the UK!  Looking forward to seeing you again in 2014.

PS.  Official event photos are coming from Toby.  I'm just posting a small selection of my favourites here. 

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