21 January 2014

Fireworks in the wind and the rain

I don't normally mention the camera I use for a certain photo.   Why?  I simply don't think it's as important as the final image.

So why am I making an exception this time?

I took this series of photos with an Olympus OM-D E-M1.  The weather was wet.   I don't just mean a bit of light rain, I mean full on torrential windy camera killing rain.

I've tried various ways to keep the rain away from cameras before, sometimes an expensive solution and sometimes a plastic bag attached losely with an elastic band.   Strangely the plastic bag / elastic band combination had worked as well as any paid for solution.

Why is all of this important now?   Well because the Olympus OM-D E-M1 is supposed to be weather proof.   There's a video on YouTube of some nutter holding it under a tap while the water is flowing.   I'm not about to try that, but knowing that said nutter didn't break his camera leaves me much more confident about using the camera in the rain.

Of course it doesn't help keep the water off the lens (I just pretend it was an intentional artistic effect if anyone asks), but it does make shooting in bad weather much easier.

My favourite photo here is the first one.   What your can see is the firework reflecting off the rain while being blown by the wind.

I've taken many of my favourite photos when out in bag weather, and now I seems I have one less excuse not to get wet and cold.


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